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At Roof Consultants Ltd, we provide a comprehensive range of roof surveying and testing services for commercial and public sector clients. Our expertise, practical know-how and significant experience in the roofing and waterproofing market will help provide you with complete peace of mind for your whole building envelope.

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A Tailored Roof Consultancy Service.

Our roof consultants will tailor their service to suit your specific requirements and, in addition to identifying areas of concern and / or risk, we can propose bespoke, fully costed solutions. Our services can provide help and reassurance in a number of areas, including:

  • Design and material deficiencies

  • Adherence with manufacturer specification

  • Audits of contractor workmanship

  • Identification of repair and maintenance issues

We also offer a range of installation services via our dedicated commercial roofing company – TCRC.

Complete Roof Consultancy for Total Peace of Mind

For each technical roof survey that we carry out, we will provide a comprehensive, independent report that clearly summarises our findings. The report will also highlight our recommendations and suggested remedial actions moving forward. Based on our industry experience and product knowledge, we can also produce a complete specification for any replacement waterproofing systems that may be required.

You’re in safe hands with our ‘5 Steps to Waterproofing Success’

TCRC 5 Steps to Waterproofing Success

Our detailed consultancy and implementation process will ensure that each roofing project runs smoothly. It gives clients peace of mind that they are in safe hands, receiving the very best levels of support, expertise and service from initial project inception through to final sign-off and issue of guarantee.

1. Consultation & Project Appraisal

We will discuss your project requirements with you along with any particular issues that are being faced. We will gain a better understanding of the building use and also discuss other important aspects such as budget availability and timescales.

2. Roof Survey & Condition Report

Using a variety of tools and techniques, our Technical Specialists will survey your roof and prepare a comprehensive, free-of-charge report. This will summarise the condition of the existing waterproofing and substrate, highlighting any particular areas of concern.

3. Specification & Budget Costings

The facts and data presented in our Roof Condition Report will enable us to propose the best possible bespoke waterproofing solution to meet your individual needs. This specification will be provided with full budgetary costings and an estimated schedule of works.

4. Installation of Chosen System

Installation will then be carried out by our experienced team of fully trained and badged Operatives. Regular specification checks and quality control procedures will be carried out as the project develops and you will be kept fully updated on progress along the way.

5. Guarantee & Ongoing Support

Once your waterproofing project has been completed, you will be issued with a complete system warranty. The TCRC Team will then discuss and agree an appropriate maintenance regime with you and support you with any other ongoing requirements that you may have.

Take a look at the variety of roof consultancy services that we offer

We employ specialist roofing consultants and partner with the UK’s leading manufacturers of testing equipment to provide clients with a comprehensive range of services.

Roof Inspections & Surveys

Our trained technicians conduct a thorough survey of your roof in order to identify the causes of any localised or general leaks. This service utilises a variety of techniques, including visual and photographic analysis, core sampling and other robust testing methods.

Roof Integrity Testing

Our non-destructive roof integrity tests are an excellent way to pinpoint any areas of water ingress. Techniques such as electronic roof tests can offer significant cost savings over complete roof refurbishment, and can also be used as a Quality Control method for new roofs.

Infra-Red Thermography

Thermographic surveys take things one step further and can help reveal what the naked and normal photography cannot see. Thermal imaging can effectively reveal localised areas of entrapped moisture, and save budgets by minimising the need to completely strip the roof.

Roof Maintenance

A roof is an important asset that often protects valuable property beneath. Our dedicated roof management service takes care of key maintenance requirements for you, enhancing the lifespan of your roof and helping you to avoid unnecessary and costly re-roofing.

Drone Surveys

Sometimes the most cost-effective and safest way of conducting an roof survey is by air. Our professionally piloted drones provide high resolution photography and videos which provide an ideal initial assessment of the roof’s condition, helping to identify a range of surface defects.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Cleaning and maintaining your solar panels is essential for protecting your investment and keeping your equipment in efficient, working order. We provide a flexible solar panel cleaning service with rapid response times that can help ensure optimum performance and peace of mind.

“Our range of roof surveying tools can help reveal potential issues before they occur.”

“Our range of roof surveying tools can help reveal potential issues before they occur.”

With over 30 years’ of experience working in the roofing and cladding sector, we have the knowledge, expertise and impartial advice that our clients can trust.

Expert Roofing Advice

Benefit from the decades of experience we have of working in the roofing and waterproofing industry.

Protect Your Building

Ensure the longterm waterproofing integrity of your building and extend it’s lifetime .

Save Money

Our in-depth surveys mean that remedial measures can be based on facts, eliminating unnecessary costs.

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